Fluke Biomedical makes charitable donation in support of Seattle Anesthesia Outreach mission to Ethiopia | Fluke Biomedical
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Fluke Biomedical makes charitable donation in support of Seattle Anesthesia Outreach mission to Ethiopia

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Fluke Biomedical recognized today the work of Seattle Anesthesia Outreach (SAO) with the donation of several instruments for use in an upcoming mission to Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. SAO is an independent, all-volunteer, nonsectarian charitable organization that was formed by a group of physicians, nurses, medical technicians, translators, and other support personnel to provide operative services to the poor and medically underserved throughout the U.S. and developing world.

Globally recognized as the most trusted name in medical device quality assurance and safety, Fluke Biomedical products ensure quality, reliability and accuracy of medical instruments throughout a hospital facility. Fluke Biomedical’s contribution to this mission was:

- BP Pump 2L Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Analyzer
- RF303RS Electrosurgical Analyzer
- ESA612 Electrical Safety Analyzer (which provides the benefits of a patient simulator, multimeter and electrical-safety analyzer in a single test tool)
- Several simulators for patient monitor safety and quality assurance testing, including one MPS450 Patient Simulator (with cardiac output and fetal/maternal simulation) and one medSim 300B Patient Simulator
SAO is currently focused on establishing a long-term relationship with the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Teaching will be at the core of the Ethiopia mission. SAO volunteers will also be upgrading equipment, and assisting in the creation of a system for operating room and recovery room management.

For more information on this or other SAO-organized charitable projects and missions, visit their website at www.seattleao.org.

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