Fluke Biomedical's Dental Head Phantom provides an effective teaching and training tool for dental x-ray and dosimetry | Fluke Biomedical
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Fluke Biomedical's Dental Head Phantom provides an effective teaching and training tool for dental x-ray and dosimetry

CLEVELAND, OH — Fluke Biomedical, Radiation Management Services, the world's leading manufacturer of medical imaging and radiation oncology quality assurance products and part of Fluke Corporation, announced today the availability of the Dental Head Phantom for dental x-ray evaluation and other dosimetry applications.

"The Dental Head Phantom is the only phantom used for panoramic radiography, which is used in 50 percent of all dental practices, to accurately visualize the oral cavity. It effectively mimics an average adult male head in size, shape and structure and can be used in conjunction with CT to help detect changes in bone density and geometry for early disease detection," said Gary Kaufmann, Diagnostic product line manager for the Radiation Management Services business of Fluke Biomedical. "The Dental Head Phantom also allows for access into the mouth cavity for x-ray dental film placement as well as dosimetry in different organs and tissues. It can even accommodate natural teeth inside the jaw."

The Dental Head Phantom also includes larynx, trachea, sinus, and nasal cavities. An articulating lower jaw with removable tongue enables easy access to teeth and air cavities. The phantom is made from tissue analogs for brain, bone, spinal cord, vertebral disks, tooth enamel and soft tissues that mimic actual tissues within 1% for both CT and Therapy energy ranges (50 keV – 25 MeV).

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