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Fluke Biomedical Introduces Eight Exclusive Diagnostic X-Ray Product/Training Bundles

EVERETT, WASHINGTON – Fluke Biomedical is pleased to team up with RSTI (Radiological Service Training Institute) to offer eight exclusive product/training bundles.

These bundles combine one of Fluke Biomedical's popular x-ray test devices with a certificate to attend RSTI's radiographic/fluoroscopic hands-on X-ray training program. Bundles are available for the following products:

- 199XRAY Medical ScopeMeter
- 35080M kVp Divider
- 199XRAY/35080M Medical ScopeMeter/kVp Divider Kit
- 10100AT Triad TnT Dosimeter Kit
- 10500 AT Triad TnT Dosimeter Kit
- 10500AMT Triad TnT X-Ray Field Service/Calibration/QA Kit
- 8000 NERO mAx X-ray Test Device
- 4000M+ X-Ray Test Device
Designed specifically for the technician new to x-ray servicing, all packages include the RSTI Phase I Principles of Servicing Diagnostic X-Ray Systems (worth 8 CEUs). During the certified two-week course, students learn the proper operation, calibration, and preventative maintenance for diagnostic x-ray systems.

"Today, more Biomeds are being asked to perform QA service on the diagnostic x-ray systems within their hospitals. Our product/training bundles are intended to provide them with both the training and equipment they need to tackle these new responsibilities," says product manager Gary Kaufmann.

About Fluke Biomedical -
Fluke Biomedical, a division of Fluke Corporation, is a manufacturer of quality biomedical test and simulation products and a provider of the latest medical imaging and oncology quality- assurance solutions for regulatory compliance.

About Fluke Corporation -
Fluke Corporation is the world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools. Fluke customers are technicians, engineers, electricians and metrologists who install, troubleshoot and manage industrial electrical, biomedical and electronic equipment and calibration processes for quality control.

About RSTI -
RSTI-Training Center is located in Solon, OH and has been providing third- party support and OEM Training since 1985. RSTI offers a large variety of services besides training, such as new and used equipment sales, technical support services, as well as a classified section with positions available and alumni resume postings. www.rsti-training.com

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