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Biomedical test and x-ray calibration services

Calibration Services Details

When you purchase the best products, you deserve the best service.

The wisest choice you can make is sending your equipment to the original manufacturer:

  • OEM firmware and product updates that can't be received elsewhere
  • NIST-traceable calibration
  • 90-day warranty on repairs
  • Response to customer inquiries within 24 hours
  • Engineering staff on location
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Ability to service a high volume of instruments
  • Extremely versatile - service over 1000 different models
  • Fast turnaround time: average 3 days for calibration, 5 days for repair
  • High-quality and accredited
  • Experienced in full asset management

It Pays To Calibrate Regularly

Fluke Biomedical's test and measurement instruments are the heartbeat of a hospital as they check and measure all the other medical equipment within the facility. They control the quality of medical instruments, and in the end are responsible for the success and profitability of any medical facility.

 A regular check of your heartbeat with traceable calibration equipment is essential. You can't afford to cut corners when it patient safety is at stake and regulatory requirements are knocking at your door. With unmatched credentials and expertise, Fluke Biomedical authorized service centers provide a measure of safety and assurance not available through smaller, regional calibrators. That's why so many customers send their instruments to the team that specializes in high quality intrinsic calibrations. When your name is on the line, count on us.

Customers receive a Certificate of Calibration with each calibrated instrument, and electronic record backup is available at no charge. Our computer systems track instruments throughout the calibration/repair process, and detailed unit histories are archived for customer reference. From select facilities, you can choose to receive computer-generated reminder notices, upgrade packages, extended warranty programs, and invoicing alternatives to provide flexibility for unique customer situations.

With over 100 years combined experience, our service personnel:

  • Adjust internal electronics for direct read so no correction is required
  • Repair defective systems
  • Verify performance with electronic calibration
  • Make mechanical adjustment as required
  • Perform preventive maintenance to maximize up time
  • Track product history to assure long-term product stability

Calibration Ranges

Dual-source range (500 mCi 137Cs, 4 Ci 137Cs)

Tri-source range (20 Ci 137Cs, 2000 Ci 137Cs, 1300 Ci 60Co)

Our 350-sq. meter Global Calibration Laboratory facility in Cleveland, Ohio is the largest, state-of-the-art commercial ionizing radiation calibration lab and repair center in the world. Built in 1999, our operation has more beams than any other supplier to provide one-stop service to all Fluke Biomedical customers.

Fluke Biomedical's many custom-built ranges apply to a broad base of medical, nuclear and industrial applications. Six custom-designed gamma ranges optimize safe handling, precision results and fast processing. Our world-class service facility in Cleveland has 5,824 curies of radionuclides onsite to provide comprehensive services and fast turnaround to Health Physics and Radiation Therapy professionals. A 15.2-meter tri-source range provides automated collimation, filtration, and positioning with low-scatter precision. A dual-source range with 150 mm high-density concrete ceiling assures accurate low-rate 40 µR/hr to 1.0 R/hr calibrations. Side walls with up to 1-meter thickness provide ultimate safety while eliminating scatter and reducing background effects, especially important for high-accuracy calibrations. These ranges operate in a controlled environment with carefully monitored temperature and humidity, laser positioning systems, automated fixtures, computer controls, and specialized software routines that help guarantee the highest quality intrinsic calibrations.

Calibration Specifications
View our calibration specifications here »

Repair Service

Fluke Biomedical offers an industry-first 24x7 same-day service, a priority 3-day service and a standard 6-day service. Select facilities also offer a variety of loaner programs for those who cannot afford instrument downtime.

Full Asset Management

Fluke Biomedical Global Calibration Laboratory also offers one-stop bulk contracts for the management of larger instrument pools, including various asset management alternatives for inventories larger than 150 units.

If you have a large number of instruments that require service, you can greatly benefit from this quality service. Proper protocols are strictly followed, eliminating the problems with inspectors and audits that can result when other less-qualified labs perform the calibrations. Instrumentation includes Fluke Biomedical as well as other industry models.

What exactly is Asset Management?

  • Total control of customer's entire instrument pool
  • Issues reminders/follow-ups to field and any designated official
  • Provides full calibration/repair/upgrade service for entire instrument pool
  • Ships directly to field location
  • Manages calibration cycles
  • Provides web access to customized reports
  • Offers loaners, trade-ins and extended warranties

Fluke Biomedical's Asset Management program takes over the grueling task of instrument tracking and allows you to use your time more productively.

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