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Digital Pressure Meters

Digital Pressure Meters - Flow & Temperature Testing

The DPM (digital pressure meter) family by Fluke Biomedical provides compact, lightweight, high-performance, versatile test instruments, whose basic parameters cover positive pressure and vacuum ranges.

DPM1B Pneumatic Transducer Tester »

The DPM1B Pneumatic Transducer Tester is designed to measure the positive and negative pressures of medical devices in either liquid or gaseous form, and to generate pressure within the ± 300 mmHg range to assist in repair and quality control.

  • Low-priced pressure-generator
  • Great for all pressure transducers, not just IBP

DPM2PLUS Universal Pressure Meter »

The DPM2Plus Universal Pressure Meter is designed to measure the positive and negative pressures of medical devices in either liquid or gaseous form to assist in repair and quality control.

  • Low-priced pressure meter
  • Great for all medical pressure device testing
  • Optional cable for viewing pressure waveform on an oscilloscope (0.1 V/psi on all ranges except 100 psi, which is 0.01 V/psi)
  • Voltage output accuracy: 5% of range
  • Can be used with optional DALE22 Parabolic Flow Adapter Set

DPM4 Parameter Tester »

DPM4 Parameter Tester is a highly accurate meter for testing a wide range of medical devices. Key features include its lightweight, compact size and battery operation. DPM4 is ideal for the testing done as part of preventive maintenance or repair processes whenever measurement of pressure, flow, or relative humidity is required.

  • Mid-priced pressure and temperature tester
  • Great for all medical device testing where low-pressure, temperature and low-flow measurements are required
  • RS232 for computer control

*not available in Europe

Need a few more details?

Here’s a comparison guide showing the differences in features between the models.

Features DPM1B DPM2 Plus DPM4 Model 1 DPM4 Model 2
Pressure generator (positive pressure and vacuum) Yes      
Pressure measurement +/- 300 mmHg Yes Yes Yes Yes
Five selectable pressure ranges standard   Yes    
Two optional pressure ranges (select at time of purchase)
G range: -700 to +5000 mmHg
H range: 380 to 900 mmHg
    Yes Yes
Temperature measurement (-200 to 750 degrees C range)     Yes Yes
Gas flow measurement (+/- 750 ml range)       Yes
Gas flow measurement (requires DALE22 Parabolic Flow Adapter set)
10 to 250 l/min (interpretive chart)
10 to 75 l/min (interpretive chart)
5% of reading accuracy

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