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Index 2 XLFE Series Pulse Oximeter Tester

Index 2 XLFE pulse oximeter tester

Index 2 XLFE Series Pulse Oximeter Tester

The Index 2 XLFE is a lightweight, portable pulse oximeter test tool that includes ten preloaded manufacturers’ R-curves and the ability to define other “makes" for testing pulse oximeters.

Motion presets, player mode, transmission level control (TLC), and computer commands boost testing ability. The Index 2 XFLE can also be configured to include an optional electrical simulation feature with probe test. Optical and electrical simulations allow technicians to isolate problems quickly. The probe test identifies defective probes with quantitative test results.

pulse oximeter Key Features


  • Portable
  • Ten preloaded manufacturers’ R-curves
  • User-definable “makes" for parameters of most other manufacturers
  • R-curves for Masimo, Nonin and Philips Medical Systems (formerly Agilent / H-P) oximeters
  • Six downloadable R-curve spaces available
  • Simultaneous simulation of motion and arterial-oxygen levels
  • Arterial wave-amplitude scale, calibrated in units of perfusion
  • Tap/shiver motion simulations to explore the impact of motion
  • RS-232 port for computer control
  • Physiological finger
  • Electrical simulations with probe testing
Range: 35 % to 100 %
Resolution: 1 %
Accuracy: 100 % to 75 %: ± 1 % ± accuracy of the device under test; 74 % to 50 %: ± 3 % ± the accuracy of the device under test; < 50 % unspecified
Repeatability: Repeatability: ± 1 standard deviation
Range: 30 BPM - 250 BPM
Resolution: 1 BPM
Accuracy: 1 % ± 1 BPM
Pulse Amplitude
Range: 0 to 100 % of nominal pulse amplitude
Resolution: 1 %
Probe test
Continuity/Resistance: Pulse amplitude is 20 % of maximum pass-through brightness
Test Matrix: Measures all combinations of possible interconnections in an XX point matrix
Range: 250 O to 150 kO
Accuracy: ± 5 % of reading
LED/Detector voltage test
Test Format: Measures the voltage drop across Red LED, infrared LED, and the photo detector when the internally generated test signal is applied
Test Signal: Constant current source @ 1 mA
Open Circuit: 2.5 V max
Measurement/Display Range: 0 V to 4 V
Accuracy: ± 5 % of reading, 0.4 V to 4 V
Dynamic Test
Test Format: Photodetector/diode response to both the red and infrared light generated by the probe when pulsed by an internal test signal
Test Signal: Pulsed between the two LEDs; constant current level @ 1 mA
Test Results: Nominal range of 0 to 2000
Sum of all locations in the program chip; for service use only
General Information
Display: 2-line x 24-character super twist LCD
Battery Life: At least 4 hours of continuous use
Battery Charger: Lead acid battery charger only
Input:100 V to 250 V, 50-60 Hz, 0.3 A
Output:+12 V dc, 0.5 A
Operating temperature: 15 ºC to 35 ºC (59 ºF to 95 ºF)
Storage temperature: 0 ºC to 50 ºC (32 ºF to 122 ºF)
Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions (WxDxH): 26.4 cm x 25.4 cm x 10.2 cm
(10.4 in x 10 in x 4 in)
Weight: 2.38 kg (5 lb)
Model NameDescription
INDEX2LFE-USA120VIndex® 2XLFE SpO2 Simulator (Optical Finger Simulation plus Electrical Simulations with Probe Testing) USA 120 V
  • Operator’s Manual (171010)
  • Battery Charger (INDEX2-CHRG/US)
  • Electrical simulation cables: Nellcor (N100, N200, and N3000), Ohmeda (5170524, 5170508)
  • Probe test cables: Nellcor (N100, N200, and N3000), Ohmeda (5170525, 5170506)
INDEX2XLFE-SHK250VIndex® 2XLFE Schuko 250 V
INDEX2XLFE-AUS250VIndex® 2XLFE Australia 250 V
INDEX2XLFE-UK250VIndex® 2XLFE United Kingdom 250 V
INDEX2LFE-BRAZ250VIndex® 2XLFE – Brazil 250 V
INDEX2XLFE-JPN100VIndex® 2XLFE– Japan 100 V

Batteries, Chargers, and Power Supply
Battery 12VBATTERY, Secondary, Lead-Acid (part# 2211010)
(12V, 2.9AH, 178x35x60MM)
INDEX2-CHRG/JPNBattery Charger 12V/500MA JPN100 V (part# 2521452)
INDEX2-CHRG/SHKBattery charger 12V/500MA SHK250 V (part# 2521476)
INDEX2-CHRG/UKBattery charger 12V/500MA UK250 V (part# 2521429)
INDEX2-CHRG/USBattery Charger 12V/800mA US100-250V (part# 4902044)
Lead-Acid, US Cord

33705123370512 Dual 9DF serial cable (part# 2204472)
Special cable to attach to RS232 on a PC.
71072Parallel printer cable, D25M to C36M (part# 2238072)
5170521BCI™ (3101) probe test cable (part# 2225989)
INDEX-2-4402Criticare™ (with D-SUB connector) probe test cable
5170518Criticare™ (504) electrical simulation cable (part# 2391965)
5170519Criticare™ (504) probe test cable (part# 2225961)
INDEX-2-4401Criticare™ (with D-SUB connector) (part# 2413628)
Electrical Simulation Cable
5170516Datascope™ (Passport) electrical simulation cable (part# 2391952)
5170517Datascope™ (Passport) probe test cable
5170528Datex electrical simulation cable (part# 2226034)
5170529Datex probe test cable (part# 2226041)
OXMTR-4401GE/Ohmeda Electrical Simulation Cable (part# 2413619)
5170533Hewlett Packard electrical simulation cable (part# 2226083)
5170534Hewlett Packard probe test cable (part# 2226090)
5170527Masimo electrical simulation cable (part# 2226029)
5170535Masimo probe test cable (part# 2226104)
5170524Nellcor (N100, N200 & N3000) electrical simulation cable (part# 2226007)
5170515FGNihon-Kohden™ (Lifescope) probe test cable
5170530Nonin electrical simulation cable (part# 2226052)
51705085170508 Nonin/Nellcor probe test cable (N100, N200 and N3000) (part# 2225945)
5170512Novametrix™ Electrical Simulation Cable (part# 2391934)
5170513Novametrix™ probe test cable (part# 2391941)
5170506Ohmeda probe test cable (part# 2225938)
INDEX2-4405Philips Medical (with D-Connector) (part# 2447418)
electrical simulation cable
INDEX2-4406Philips Medical (with D-Connector) (part# 2447452)
probe test cable
5170510FGRespironics™ electrical simulation cable (part# 2391918)
5170511FGRespironics™ Probe Test Cable
75034RS232 Interface cable (DB9M to DB9F) (part# 2238659)
for medTester to RF303RS (RS-232; male DB9 to female DB9; adapter required, 49755FG, part# 2391789)
5170532Universal electrical simulation cable (part# 2226076)
5170531Universal probe test cable (part# 2226065)

Carrying Cases
9530-0064Multipurpose Hard-Sided Watertight Carrying Case (part# 2248568)
(contains “pick & pluck” foam) (17” L x 11 ¾” W x 6” H)
3362013Soft Vinyl Carrying Case (part# 2204282) for QED 6

60196120V Power Supply for Seiko DPU414 printer (part# 2235375)
Printer used with the following products:
•VT PLUS HF Gas Flow Analyzer
•ISA601 Pro SeriesXL
•IDA 4 Plus
•Index 2XL
•QED 6
•BP Pump 2
97116Printer paper DPU-414 and DPU-411 (part# 2248737)
(minimum 7 rolls – price is per roll)
PRINTR/414-US120VPrinter, SEIKO DPU-414-30B (part# 2248899)
Includes 120V PWR Supply (part# 2235375)
(Note: requires additional purchase of parallel printer cable, part# 2238072)
for use with ESA601/IDA 4 Plus/Index 2XL/QED 6/BP Pump 2
61097220V Power Supply (part# 2235382)
for Seiko DPU-414-30B Printer
PRINTR414-SHK220VPrinter, Seiko DPU-414-30B with 220 V power supply (part# 2399531)
(NOTE: requires additional purchase of serial printer cable (part# 3370513)

ANSUR INDEX 2Ansur Index 2 Plug-In license (part# 2817203)

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