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940-9 Portable Continuous Air Monitor

 Portable Continuous Air Monitor
The Code of Federal Regulations requires assurance that radioactive materials within gaseous effluents do not exceed maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) as set forth in the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) radiation protection standards. This simply means that any effluent that could possibly contain radioactivity must be monitored. Besides the legal implications, sound industrial hygiene practices require that personnel be protected against the possibility of exposure to excessive radioactivity from any source.

Off-line gas monitors are frequently used in conjunction with particulate monitors. This is particularly the case with a stack or duct where effluent is released into the environment. Used in this manner, the particulate monitor serves as a pre-filter for the gaseous monitor and also as a monitor of airborne radioactive particulates. Where an off-line gas monitor is used independently, without the aid of a particulate monitor, a separate filter assembly is installed to prevent contaminated particulate buildup inside the sensitive volume. The off-line effluent monitor incorporates its own pumping system to insure a positive displacement of the effluents being monitored.

Off-line effluent monitoring is normally utilized where optimum geometry is desired to gain maximum sensitivity. Scintillation detectors are used because of their sensitivity and reliability.

  • Mounted on heavy-duty casters to enhance mobility
  • Self-contained portable air monitor
  • Compatible with Model 943 Series detectors and Model 942A Series or Model 960 Series electronics
Key Features
  • Universal Digital Ratemeter with dynamic range up to 107 CPM
  • Scintillation type detectors
  • Rugged construction for ease of maintenance
  • Positive displacement type pumping system
  • Automatic pressure compensation for gas density
  • Automatic purge of sampling system

The Model 940-9 provides all of the functions of the Model 940-1 Off-Line Airborne Effluent Monitor, in a portable configuration. The detector output signal is transmitted to the Universal Digital Ratemeter. The particulate ratemeter displays gross particulate counts, iodines are absorbed in an easily removable cartridge, and the gas ratemeter displays gross noble gas counts, compensated for changes in pressure at the volume chamber. These ratemeters also provide output alarm contacts for Alert, High Radiation, Channel Fail, and when required, Rate Of Rise for fixed filter application. A Low Flow alarm is also available for the sample stream. Check source actuation is manual from the ratemeter, with alarms muted when in the check source mode.

Power requirements
 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
Sample temperature limit
 32º to 122ºF (0º to 50ºC)
Sample flow rate
 1 to 4 SCFM
Sample inlet
 0.75 inch OD stainless steel tubing, compression fitting
Sample outlet
 0.75 inch OD stainless steel tubing, compression fitting
Maximum internal pressure
 10 psig
Dynamic count range
 10 to 107 CPM
Skid weight
 950 lb
Particulate filter paper
 Hollingsworth & Voss #LB-5211-A-O with a collection efficiency of 97% for particles 0.3 micron and larger
Iodine filter
 TEDA impregnated charcoal cartridge
 Optional grab sampling capability available for particulate, iodine, noble gas, and tritium
Model NameDescription
940-9Portable Continuous Air Monitor

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