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940-4 In-Line Effluent Monitor

 In-Line Effluent Monitor
The Code of Federal Regulations requires assurance that radioactive materials within effluents do not exceed maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) as set forth in the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) radiation protection standards. This simply means that any effluent that could possibly contain radioactivity must be monitored. Besides the legal implications, sound industrial hygiene practices require that personnel be protected against the possibility of exposure to excessive radiation from any source.

Scintillation detectors are used because of their sensitivity and reliability.

  • In-line liquid monitor
  • Compatible with Model 943 Series detectors and Model 942A Series or Model 960 Series electronics
  • Inserts directly into existing process line
Key Features
  • Universal Digital Ratemeter with dynamic range up to 107 CPM
  • Mounts directly in process line
  • Gamma or beta scintillation detector for sensitivity and reliability
  • Removable for decontamination
  • Applicable for 1 inch or larger process line

The Model 940-4 In-Line Liquid Effluent Monitor is an easily installed, effluent monitor furnished with flanged ends to be inserted directly into the process line. The assembly will require a separate supporting structure because of its considerable weight due to the required Pb shielding to reduce the effects of background radiation.

The detector measures gross gamma or beta radiation in the process fluid, amplifies and shapes the pulse output from the photomultiplier tube, and transmits the signal to the Universal Digital Ratemeter. The ratemeter may be locally mounted or remotely mounted up to 1500 feet. The ratemeter displays measured radiation in CPM.

The ratemeter also provides output alarm contacts for Alert, High Radiation, and Channel Fail. Check source actuation is manual from the ratemeter, with alarms muted when in the check source mode.

The In-Line assembly may be furnished with a standard detector or high temperature gamma scintillation detector (up to 300ºF) for high temperature process liquid applications.

 Size will vary depending on process line size and background variations; For 4 inch schedule 40 process line and 4 inch Pb shielding, size will be approximately 13.3 (w) x 25.5 (d) x 22.6 in (h)
 Weight will vary depending on process line size and Pb shielding required. For 4 inch schedule 40 process line and 4 inch Pb shielding, weight will be approximately 1240 lb
Model NameDescription
940-4In-Line Liquid Effluent Monitor

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