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VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer

View multiple gas flow measurements simultaneously, with traceability to global regulatory standards.

VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer
VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer
VT650 Gas Flow Tester
VT650 for Ventilator Testing

VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer


The VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer offers high accuracy and reliability for gas flow and respiratory medical equipment, including neonatal, mechanical and high-frequency ventilators. The single, full range ±300 lpm air flow channel offers built-in oxygen, temperature and humidity measurements to streamline your testing procedure. Designed and tested to world renown Molbloc-L calibration specifications ensures traceability to global regulatory standards with measurements you can rely on.


Everything you need to perform tests is included in the VT650 – no extra modules or components are required. Weighing only 3.6 lb (1.6 kg), this compact, all-in-one device is highly portable. The snap-in carrying handle/shoulder strap, small unit size, and rugged design allows you to quickly and easily test on-the-go. With AC and DC power options and an 8-hour battery life, this tester is perfect for both clinical and field environments where AC power may not be available, but high accuracy is needed.


The VT650 has a large 7 (17.8 cm) touch screen display, allowing you to view multiple measurements at once and quickly access menu options. Review results in real-time with either color graphs or numerical data. The global user interface makes operating this device straightforward and uncomplicated.


The large onboard memory allows testing of multiple medical devices back-to-back without having to transfer data off between tests. Record and store test data, save time and streamline your testing needs by creating customized test profiles. When you are finished with your testing, simply save and transfer the data via USB to a PC and upload the test file to your CMMS for easy documenting and reporting.

VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer

Key benefits and features

  • Avoid confusion and ensure accuracy with one-channel, full range air flow functionality
  • Streamline your testing procedure, reduce errors and quicken your test time with the ability to create customized test profiles
  • Reduce testing time with built-in line sensors which automatically test humidity, temperature and oxygen while compensating for atmospheric pressure and environmental conditions
  • Easily transport and store the lightweight (3.64lb/1.6kg), all-in-one device – no extra modules for different tests
  • Quickly access menu options, interpret results and see measurements at a distance up to 6’ (1.8m) with the large, easy-to-read 7 (17.8 cm) color touch screen
  • Operate on-the-go, all day with 8 hours of battery life
  • The on-board memory allows you to record and save data

VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer


Battery life hours

8 hrs

Charge time in hours

5 hrs, typical


internal memory

Connection type

USB, Micro-B device port


3.6 lb (1.6 kg)


17.8 cm (7 in)

Single full-range channel


Full range flow channel (includes both low and high flow)


±300 slpm

Accuracy (air)

1.7 % or 0.04 slpm



±100 l


±1.75 % or 0.02 l


High pressure


-0.8 to 10 bar


±1 % or ±0.007 bar

Differential low pressure


±160 mbar


±0.5 % or ±0.1 mbar

Airway pressure


±160 mbar


±0.5 % or ±0.1 mbar

Barometric pressure


550 to 1240 mbar


±1 % or ±5 mbar




0 to 50 °C


±0.5 °C


0.1 °C



0 to 100 % RH


±3 % RH (20 to 80 % RH)
±5 % RH (20< or >80 % RH)



0 to 100 %


±2 %

Breath parameters

Inspiratory tidal volume range

0 to 60 l

Inspiratory tidal volume accuracy

±1.75 % or 0.02 l

Expiratory tidal volume range

0 to 60 l

Expiratory tidal volume accuracy

±1.75 % or 0.02 l

Minute volume range

0 to 100 l

Minute volume accuracy

±1.75 % or 0.02 l

Breath rate range

1 to 1500 bpm

Breath rate accuracy

±1 %

Inspiratory to expiratory time ratio (I:E) range

1:300 to 300:1

Inspiratory to expiratory time ratio (I:E) accuracy

±2 % or 0.1

Peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) range

±160 mbar

Peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) accuracy

±0.75 % or 0.1 mbar

Inspiratory pause pressure range

±160 mbar

Inspiratory pause pressure

±0.75 % or 0.1 mbar

Mean airway pressure range

±160 mbar

Mean airway pressure accuracy

±0.75 % or 0.1 mbar

Positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) range

±160 mbar

Positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) accuracy

±0.75 % or 0.1 mbar

Lung compliance range

0 to 1000 ml/mbar

Lung compliance accuracy

±3 % or 0.1 ml/mbar

Inspiratory time range

0 to 60 s

Inspiratory time accuracy

0.02 s

Inspiratory hold time range

0 to 60 s

Inspiratory hold time accuracy

1 % or 0.1 s

Expiratory time range

0 to 90 s

Expiratory time accuracy

0.5 % or 0.01 s

Expiratory hold time range

0 to 90 s

Expiratory hold time accuracy

0.02 s

Peak expiratory flow range

±300 lpm

Peak expiratory flow accuracy

±1.7 % or 0.04 lpm

Peak inspiratory flow range

±300 lpm

Peak inspiratory flow accuracy

±1.7 % or 0.04 lpm


Operating temp

10 °C to 40 °C

Storage temp

-20 °C to 60 °C

Operating humidity

10 to 90 % non-condensing

Storage humidity

5 to 95 % non-condensing

Gas corrections

Gas types

ATP (ambient temp/pressure, actual humidity)


ATPD (ambient temp/pressure, dry)

Nitrogen (N2)

ATPS (ambient temp/pressure, saturated)

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

STP20 (20 °C temp/pressure 760 mmHg, actual humidity)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

STP21 (21 °C temp/pressure 760 mmHg, actual humidity)

Oxygen (O2)

STPD0 (0 °C temp/pressure 760 mmHg, dry)


STPD20 (20 °C temp/pressure 760 mmHg, dry)

Heliox (21 % O2, 79% He)

STP or STPD21 (21 °C temp/pressure 760 mmHg, dry)


BTPS (body temp 37 °C/ambient pressure 760 mmHg, saturated)

Oxygen/Nitrous Oxide

BTPD (body temp 37 °C/ambient pressure 760 mmHg, dry)


Model NameDescription

VT650 GAS FLOW ANALYZER (Part #4920340)
Includes the following:

  • Certificate of Calibration with test data
  • Carrying case
  • Carrying handle and shoulder strap
  • USB serial cable
  • Tilt stand
  • AC power adapter
  • Bacterial filter
  • 1.2 m (4 ft) silicon tubing (2)
  • 22 mm ID x 22 mm ID tubing adapters (2)
  • 22 mm OD x 22 mm OD tubing adapters (2)
  • Tapered 15 mm OD x 33 mm OD tubing adapters (2)
  • Flexible 15 mm ID x 22 mm ID tubing adapters (2)
  • DISS hand tight nut/nipple to 6.4 mm (1/4 in ) ID hose barb adapter (1)

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