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Impulse 7000 with ProSim SpO2

Conduct comprehensive defibrillator testing with the Impulse 7000DP and ProSim SPOT Light

As important as it is to treat a patient, you must first and foremost test your equipment. Modern day defibrillators now have the ability to assess a patient’s oxygenation saturation, monitor ECG and other vital patient data. With the Impulse 7000DP and ProSim SPOT Light SpO2 Tester/Pulse Oximeter Analyzer, you can completely analyze your defibrillator, SpO2 function and all.

Learn step-by-step about how Fluke Biomedical’s Impulse 7000DP and ProSim SPOT Light work better together to test all functions of defibrillators by watching this tutorial.

Imp7K-SpO2 video  Watch the tutorial video here »Imp7K-SpO2 video

Watch the full version video here »

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