The Victoreen User Group from Fluke Biomedical
Victoreen User Group

We have planned a conference full of current industry topics, product and theory training, and product demonstrations for you – our customer. This year, emphasis is being placed on radiation monitoring theory, and product demonstrations, along with our partners at Overhoff Technology and Technical Associates US Nuclear Corp.

  • Current Customer upgrade projects and lessons learned
  • New N-16 monitor overview and theory
  • Retirement of the 977-201 ion chamber, and differences with the replacement 977-210 ion chamber
  • New Victoreen 1042A-200 Universal Digital Ratemeter (UDR) demonstration
  • Overview of the next generation of scintillation detectors

Learn about the future, learn from the past, and lastly learn from each other. We want you to bring your issues/problems to the meeting and go back home with the answers.

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