Defib testing or AED testing with the defibrillator analyzer
Impulse 7000 AED Testing System

All-in-one defibrillator / AED testing system

Evaluate. Improve. Ensure.

In a span of five years, the FDA reported 28,000 adverse defibrillator events including malfunctions, patient injuries, and death. Fortunately, with Fluke Biomedical’s complete defibrillator/AED testing system you can ensure that critical life-support cardiac resuscitation equipment performs properly, each and every time.

The three parts of our all-in-one system include:

Impulse Bundle

Selectable Load Box

  • Tests all patient transthoracic impedance loads from infants to overweight adults
  • Measures up to 200 ohms accurately
  • Meets all defibrillator quality testing standards
    (IEC 60601-2-4 and AAMI DF80)

Impulse 7000DP
Defibrillator/Transcutaneous Pacer Analyzer

  • Deliver any energy (monophasic, biphasic and pulsed-biphasic) and see what it measured
  • Properly tests all defibrillator and AED devices (including Shock Advisory)
  • Ensure proper loads used for testing with built-in Pacer brand selections

Test Automation Software

  • Preset test sequences already loaded for quick automated testing
  • Reduces human error and decreases test time
  • Improves data collection and reporting consistency

How it all works together:

The Impulse 7000DP and 7010 Selectable Load Box work together to test more than one impedance load. In fact, it can replicate all possible human variations. An easy-to-use tool, the 7010 Load Box is the perfect companion to the Impulse 7000DP. Additionally, the Ansur Test Automation Software improves productivity by decreasing test time, improving data consistency and reducing human error.

Together, these three create the most comprehensive defibrillator/AED test system.

Follow the links below for the full range of tests our system can perform:
Defibrillator Test Procedure
External Non-Invasive Pacemaker Procedure

Meet our all-in-one defibrillator/AED testing system and complete your comprehensive testing today.


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