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IDA-5 and IDA-1S infusion device pumps

Make every minute count.

Because you already use an electronic analyzer, you know it is the most effective way to test infusion pumps. Further maximize efficiencies, increase accuracies, and minimize risks with these tips.


Test up to four pumps at once

Why test one infusion pump when you can simultaneously test four? Using an analyzer that can test up to four channels at once offers significant time and cost savings by:

  • Reducing average test time by at least 25 %
  • Quadrupling test capacity
  • Speeding up routine preventive maintenance

Standardize work with automated testing

Using an infusion analyzer with on-board automation can help reduce human error by:

  • Ensuring tests are performed the same way every time
  • Standardizing testing parameters
  • Automating data collection and documentation instead of doing manually
  • Making it quicker and more reliable to find medical device maintenance and repair records


Choose an infusion analyzer that matches your needs

Fluke Biomedical IDA Infusion Device Analyzers test all brands of IV pumps, and are compatible with a wide range of intravenous pumps, including syringe pumps, volumetric pumps and anesthesia pumps. Choose between the IDA-1S for on-the-go testing or IDA-5 for multi-channel, automated testing.


IDA-1S: The EASY analyzer

Simple to carry, transport and use the IDA-1S offers effortless testing at an affordable price making it the easy choice.

  • One-channel for speedy testing of flow and occlusion
  • Integrated carrying handle for portability
  • Weighs only 2.7lbs
  • LCD touch-screen for easy operation
  • Hydrograph software for PC control and analysis
  • On-board memory stores test results instantly


IDA-5: The FAST analyzer

The IDA-5 provides immediate results and increases productivity making it the fast choice.

  • Test up to four infusion pumps at once
  • On-board automation and customizable test templates for quick and standardized testing
  • Use immediately without any training
  • Print or save test results immediately
  • Single flow, dual flow and PCA testing
  • Hydrograph software for PC control and analysis
  • Optional Ansur automation software for integrating other testers on same report

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