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Comprehensive electrosurgical performance testing

The QA-ES II Electrosurgical Analyzer is the ESU tester you can depend on for complete preventive maintenance and safety testing.

Test all critical ESU functions

Test all critical ESU functions

  • Current, voltage and power output
  • Tests RF leakage from output to ensure no hazardous currents are present
  • Performs Return Electrode Monitoring (REM) tests
  • Measures crest factor
  • Performs automatic power distribution curve at a wide range of test loads
A complete ESU test package

A complete ESU test package

  • Proven, trusted electrosurgical analyzer technology compatible with all major types of ESU devices
  • Better portability and safety—no bulky, hazardous external test loads
  • Supported and serviced worldwide
  • Pass regulatory audits with confidence with optional data-reporting software

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