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Implementing an electrical safety testing program may be easier than you think

Just follow these three simple steps


Learn about the basics of electrical safety testing

The ESA609 performs all basic measurements to ensure staff and patient safety.
Read about these key measurements and more by downloading our Introduction to Basic Electrical Safety Testing white paper

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Measurements discussed in white paper:

  • Line (mains) voltage
  • Ground Wire (or protective earth) resistance
  • Equipment current
  • Ground wire (earth) leakage
  • Chassis (enclosure) leakage
  • Direct equipment leakage
  • Point to point leakage and resistance


See electrical safety procedure in action

The ESA609 has a combination of features that make it optimal for on-the-go technicians

Watch the video to see it in action »

Key features shown in video

  • Rugged: Built tough with a rubberized case and ingress protection rating of IP30
  • Portable: Featherweight (1.5 lb) design, functional strap, and tilt stand make it easy for on-the-go operation
  • User-friendly: Quick push-button operation for rapid testing
  • Global use: Operates at 120 V and 230 V



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