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The ESA Family of electrical safety analyzers by Fluke Biomedical

Fluke Biomedical electrical safety analyzers provide accurate, and reliable results to help meet your medical device test and quality requirements.
Find the solution that best fits your needs.

ESA615 Electrical Safety Analyzer

Test to any standard in minutes

The automated ESA615 Electrical Safety Analyzer performs all primary electrical safety tests, ECG simulation, point-to-point voltage, leakage and resistance tests in compliance with the latest ANSI/AAMI, IEC, and other global electrical safety standards.

  • On-board automation with automated test sequences
  • Offers the functionality of a simulator, multimeter and safety analyzer
  • Straightforward, multi-language user interface

ESA609 Electrical Safety Analyzer

On-the-go, user-friendly testing

The ESA609 is a rugged, portable and easy-to-use analyzer designed for general electrical safety testing when patient lead testing is not required.

  • Performs all basic safety tests
  • Complies with global standards and operates at 120 V and 230 V
  • Featherweight (1.5 lb) design with rubberized protection case

ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer

Quick comprehensive tests

Complete with Ansur Test Automation software for standardized testing and risk mitigation, the ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer is the preferred electrical safety test tool for IEC60601-1 compliance.

  • Supports 3 test loads, protective earth test current, and 2 insulation test voltages
  • Expanded leakage ranges through 10,000 μA
  • 10 Safety-enhanced insulated applied parts connections

ESA612 Electrical Safety Analyzer

One-touch testing

The ESA612 offers the functionality of a simulator, multimeter and electrical safety tester in a single, portable, test tool, which can perform ECG waveform tests and dual-lead measurements.

  • Five applied parts jacks and easy ECG snap connection with optional expander box
  • Replaceable mains fuses and ergonomic design make it idea for field testing
  • Optional automation software to increase productivity

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