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Ansur 3.0 Software by Fluke Biomedical

Ansur Test Automation software gives you the most customization options to collect, record, store and analyze test results.

New! Access levels

Assign custom user, admin or author login levels to improve traceability and manage access.

New! User signatures

Users can create their own signature to sign templates and results. This new feature is compliant with the FDA requirement, 21 CFR Part 11.

New! DUT customization options

Customize your device under test’s naming conventions and fields to fit your organization’s standard work.

Watch this two-minute video to see how these new features work »

What users have to say about Ansur

“We used Ansur to create test sequences that match service manual procedures so every inspection is done the same way every time. We improved quality and uniformity by creating standard work.”

- Robert Dorrian, TBS U.K.

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