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Ansur 3.0 Software by Fluke Biomedical

Ansur Test Automation software gives you the most customization options to collect, record, store and analyze test results.

Standardize your test procedure to meet regulatory requirements

Make sure each test is performed the same way each time. Ansur standardizes testing to increase operational efficiency and reduce human error in QA regulatory and preventive-maintenance testing. Improve traceability with user login credentials to ensure regulatory compliance. Assign custom user, admin or author login levels to improve traceability and comply to the FDA requirement, 21 CFR Part 11.

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Automate testing, recording and documentation

Cycle through tests, collect measurements and store results with the click of a mouse. Ansur will automatically compare test results to the prescribed limits and generate a pass or fail result. You can customize the limits to fit the standard you are testing to.

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Keep your test data safe

Store your test data with easy storage and archival. Archived test results can be used to trend analysis predictive service needs. Additionally, easy storage can help provide justification for unique PM schedules to meet the worldwide regulatory group requirements.

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Test results are captured electronically and stored as a version-controlled digital records in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or alternative database of choice. Generate a PDF or MTR test report easily and attach it to a work order. Ansur also offers interface capabilities with many CMMS solutions including Four Rivers Maintenance Connection and more.

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