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Ventilator testers, gas flow analyzers, oxygen flow meters, and digital pressure meters

Ventilator Testers, Gas Flow Meter Analyzers and Digital Pressure Meters

What products do you test? If you test only pressure devices, please look at our family of digital pressure meters. If you test more than pressure devices, please take a look at our portable flow meters below to find the right tool for you.

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The Fluke Biomedical family of portable gas flow analyzers contains more than just gas flow meters and ventilator testers. These products also measure pressure, flow, volume, oxygen concentration and gas temperature. And they test a variety of medical gas flow and pressure devices such as endoscopic insufflators, anesthesia machines, flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices. Their versatility is part of what makes them the test tools of choice for healthcare quality and safety professionals.

Newest family member: VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer

The VT305 is the quick and easy way to evaluate medical gas flow and pressure devices.

  • Simple to use so you can set up, test and report quickly and effectively.
  • A portable gas analyzer for when you’re on the go and need a tool that is easy to transport.
  • Efficient thanks to automated standard work that reduces error and improves data consistency.

VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer, ventilator analyzer, portable gas analyzer

Select your portable gas flow tester

Whether you need a portable gas flow tester for use in a large lab or while you’re on the go, our selection guide will help you decide which model is right for you.

Select the VT305 portable gas flow analyzer, VT Plus HF gas flow analyzer, or VT MOBILE gas flow analyzer from Fluke Biomedical.  Monitor and calibrate oxygen flow with ease.
VT PLUS HF Gas Flow Analyzer VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer VT MOBILE Gas Flow Analyzer, oxygen flow meter

Portable Gas Analyzer Comparison Guide

Need a few more details in order to select a ventilator tester? Here’s a comparison guide showing the feature differences between the three portable gas analyzers.

Digital Pressure Meters (DPM)

Fluke Biomedical digital pressure meters are lightweight, high-performance, versatile test instruments that cover the basic parameters of positive pressure, and vacuum ranges. There are three models in the family.

DPM4 Parameter Tester -- For all medical device testing where low-pressure, temperature and low-flow measurements or humidity are required.

DPM2 Plus Uiniversal Pressure Meter -- For all medical pressure device testing.

DPM1B Pnuematic Transducer Tester -- For all pressure transducers.

Test Lungs

Our ACCU Lung Precision Test Lungs are small, light-weight and portable with calibrated accuracy for both resistance and compliance. They are also compliant with IEC standard for breathing – circuit connection and are traceable to standards.

Available in two models.

ACCU LUNG Portable Precision Test Lung


Learn more

Learn more about ventilator analyzer and gas flow tester capabilities with these helpful application notes from the experts at Fluke Biomedical

Do you want a more in-depth product comparison, pricing or an on-site test drive/demonstration?

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