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RaySafe i2 personal dosimetry radiation monitoring system

The dosimeter badge system with real-time monitoring

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 RaySafe i2 personal dosimeter badge system

RaySafe i2 Personal Dosimetry Radiation Monitoring System

RaySafe i2 – Real-time Dosimetry Insight

Approximately 3.6 billion x-ray examinations are performed worldwide each year1, leading to earlier and more accurate diagnosis of medical diseases. However, clinical staff and patients face significant risks of stochastic and deterministic impacts of radiation2. Authorized regulatory bodies emphasize the importance of keeping the dose to medical staff and patients as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

Minimizing exposure and achieving the ALARA standard

The traditional method to provide radiation safety is by offering radiation protection training. The medical staff that works in this very dynamic environment easily overlooks the invisible radiation risk. This can often lead to higher than necessary radiation exposure.

The RaySafe i2 allows staff to visualize x-ray in real-time. Building a strong radiation safety culture starts with giving the medical staff real-time insight about their personal exposure. This enables and empowers physicians, nurses, and staff to more effectively use all the radiation reduction solutions provided in the room. The RaySafe i2 is an active dosimetry system that provides real-time insights about radiation exposure, helping medical staff and physicians evaluate and directly adjust their behaviors.

Ease of use

The RaySafe i2 offers ease of use along with quick setup and installation. Similar to many personal electronics, the RaySafe i2 dosimetry system offers touchscreen technology. Personnel wear digitally assigned dosimeter badges and go about performing daily duties without interruption. Dose data is measured and saved for post procedure review and analysis.

Low maintenance

The RaySafe i2 system stores data for up to 5 years, making this system your long term partner in building a first-class radiation safety culture. The dosimeter lasts 3-5 years, dependent on use, and does not require any annual calibration or maintenance. The system is built for rugged use in interventional and vascular labs.

1 IAEA 2007, Dosimetry in Diagnostic Radiology: An Interactional Code of Practice, Technical Reports Series No. 457, p. 3.
2 ESR 2011, White paper on radiation protection by the European Society of Radiology, in: Insights imaging 2011/2(4), p. 357

RaySafe i2 real-time display

The RaySafe i2 real-time display is a 10.4" touch screen which is placed in the examination room. It shows real-time dose data from all dosimeters in range. The color indication (red, yellow, green) gives the individual user insight about the current dose exposure and the possibility to act accordingly. The accumulated dose per individual user is displayed next to the color indication bars.

RaySafe i2 real-time display features

    By tapping the dosimeter name on the touch screen you can access more detailed information about the personal dose history:
  • A dose dashboard with total dose history and trip meters
  • Annual personal dose and dose in relation to a configurable yearly limit
  • Detailed views presenting time stamped dose history

RaySafe i2 dosimeter

The active dosimeter measures and records radiation every second. Dose data is transferred wirelessly to the real-time display. The dosimeter is maintenance-free, easy-to-use and can be personalized with different names and colors.

RaySafe i2 dose viewer

The dose viewer software helps administrating dosimeters and viewing personal dose information while connected to the RaySafe i2 cradle.The software allows you to view dose data history, change dosimeter names and reset dose history.

RaySafe i2 dose manager

The RaySafe i2 dose manager is an advanced software for analyzing, reporting and archiving dose information. The software handles multiple dosimeters and can retrieve dose information from multiple real-time displays through the hospital network or via USB storage.



30 g (1.06 ounces)

Operational quantity


X-ray dose range

1 μSv – 10 Sv

X-ray dose resolution

1 μSv

X-ray dose uncertainty

5% or 1 μSv

X-ray dose rate range and linearity

+/- 10% 40 μSv/h – 150 mSv/h
+/- 20% 150 mSv/h – 300 mSv/h

Energy range X-, γ-rays

N40 – N120 (33 keV – 101 keV)

Average dosimeter lifetime

3 – 5 years, depending on daily use

Real-time display

Dose unit

Sv or rem


300 x 250 x 60 mm
(11.8 x 9.8 x 2.4 inch)


1240 g (43.74 oz)


10.4 touch screen


640 x 480 pixels


Dose rate by second and accumulated dose by hour for dosimeters in range. For 50 dosimeters the memory size allow storage of up to 5 years accumulated dose and dose rate for the last 250 hours of exposure each.


Wireless radio communication with dosimeters


10/100 Mbit/s port for the dose manager connection

Power source

The real time display uses a power supply connected to 120 V/230 V

Software Requirements

Dose Manager PC

Operating System

Windows 7, Vista or XP

Operating memory

At least 2 GB

Hard disk space requirement

40 GB with at least 15 GB available space

USB Connection

One available 2.0 port

Dose viewer PC

Operating System

Windows 7, Vista or XP

Operating memory

At least 1 GB

USB Connection

One available 2.0 port

Model NameDescription
RaySafe i2 RaySafe i2
Personal dosimeter staff monitoring system

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