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INCU II Skin Temperature Heater Assembly

INCU II Skin Temperature Heater Assembly

Skin Temperature Heater Assembly STHA Accessory

Incubators and radiant warmers have at least one skin temperature probe that is attached to the patient and used to monitor the baby’s temperature. It is this probe that indicates to the medical staff the temperature of the patient, aids in medical diagnosis, influences the set-point of the incubator/radiant warmer temperature, and alarms staff to potential dangerous environmental situations or a patient’s condition. Thus, it is absolutely vital the skin temperature probe is tested properly and accurately.

In order to test the accuracy of an incubator or radiant warmer’s skin temperature probe, you need the to use the Skin Temperature Heater Assembly (STHA) in conjunction with the INCU II. The STHA is an accessory and connects directly to the INCU II. Simply place the skin temperature probe from the DUT into the STHA, turn on the STHA, and press “TEST on the INCU II, and the INCU II will make the measurement.

Traditionally, hot water baths and a reference thermometer have been used to test the accuracy of the skin temperature probes; however, this can take a significant amount of time and can be faulty in accuracy. The STHA provides an accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use solution. By using the STHA with the INCU II, the accuracy of the probe and temperature indicator on the incubator/radiant warmer can be measured within minutes, and the INCU II will display an automatic PASS/FAIL reading for easy test result analysis.

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INCU II Skin Temperature Heater Assembly

  • Accessory to INCU II; plugs into back of device in “Skin Temp port
  • Measures accuracy of skin temperature probe within ±0.05°C
  • Small, compact and portable
  • Quick, automatic measurement (within 6 minutes)


Physical Housing
Size (HxWxL)
75 cm x 70 cm x 38 cm (2.9 in x 2.7 in x 1.5 in)
Total weight
0.2 kg (0.5 lb)
Power Adapter – Universal voltage
Input: 100 V to 240 V with adaptors 50 Hz/60 Hz
Output: 15V dc, 1.3 A maximum
Measurements and tests specifications
Operating:10 °C to 30 °C
Accuracy: ±0.05 °C
Display resolution: 0.01 °C
Environmental specifications
-20° C to 60° C (-4 °F to 140 °F)
10 % to 90 % non-condensing
2000 m
Ingress protection rating
IEC 61010-1
Overvoltage category none, pollution degree 2
IEC 610326-1
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Emissions Classification
IEC CISPR11: Group 1, Class A.
Group 1 has intentionally generated and/or use conductively coupled radio-frequency energy, which is necessary for the internal functioning of the equipment itself. Class A equipment is suitable for use in nondomestic locations and/or directly connected to a low voltage power supply network.
Intentional radiators
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.(15.19)
Model NameDescription
4721175INCU II ST Heater, Skin Temperature Heater Assembly

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