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Advantage Training - X-Ray Beam & Dose Quality Testing


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Radiation safety training, help understand the real value of quality assurance.

Diagnostic X-ray system quality assurance testing is done by radiographic engineers (who may report to biomedical engineering, radiology, health physics or medical physics department in hospitals or independent contractor companies). Safety and effectiveness for clinical use is determined by medical health physicists who may also serve as radiation safety officers.

While physicists are generally well trained on testing tools needed for dose assessment and image quality, they leave the assurance of performance and safety of the X-ray systems to radiographic engineers. Both these groups are ultimately trying to reduce risk to the patient from detrimental, accumulative effects of exposure to ionizing radiation.

Biomedical engineering departments are well advised to make sure that staffing, training, test instruments and other testing tools (including phantoms) are available before jumping into full maintenance responsibility for X-ray systems. An easier entry point is first-call troubleshooting, and so both first-call and full maintenance responsibility are included in the scope of training.

What can I learn here?

  • Achieve real value in first-call decisions
  • Manage risk, minimize dose, and maximize up-time
  • Why ion chambers are the right tool for AEC systems
  • How test automation and electroinc test results help predict tube replacement and keep cost under control
  • How to use X-ray testing tools effectively
  • When an oscilloscope is the right choice for testing

Fluke Biomedical Advantage Training Advantage Training

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Biomedical training and device analysis - Advantage Training by Fluke Biomedical
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