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Access self-paced module for the patient monitor testing chapter in the new medical device quality assurance curriculum.

Patient monitors were among the first electronic technologies to be brought into the hospital. Though patient monitor designs have dramatically improved reliability, the frequent failure of patient-connected sensors still makes it important to perform quality assurance testing. Innovative technologies that have improved NIBP-measurements during patient movement, and brought diagnosis formerly available only after clinical laboratory analysis of blood samples cannot be tested with older test instruments.

Patient monitor testing is far from routine. The patient monitor testing courses introduce new concepts for patient monitor quality assurance (performance and safety testing, documenting for regulatory compliance, productivity improvement, and using test instruments effectively).

What can I learn here?

  • Why NIBP accuracy can only be determined using static pressure comparisons
  • What NIBP dynamic simulations actually tell us about performance
  • Why clinical condition-based simultaneous, in-parallel, correlated simulations make testing fast while still complying with the manufacturer’s specified inspection procedure
  • How visually-guided test procedures speed scheduled inspections and PM
  • Troubleshooting versus routine performance

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