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Infusion Pump Device Testing

Advantage Training - Infusion Pump Testing


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Biomedical equipment maintenance training focused on infusion pump testing.

While small hospitals and clinics may include a manageable quantity of infusion pumps, including enteral feeding pumps, syringe pumps, infusion controllers, larger medical facilities often include as high a quantity as 3 infusion devices per bed. This number can reach seemingly un-manageable quantities compared to the biomedical engineering department staff available to perform medical device quality assurance testing.

Recently the high incidence of failure across all makes and models of infusion devices has caused the US FDA to focus its attention on reducing the un-managed risk to the patient posed by these failures. Batch-testing may provide a more economically acceptable method for completing tests.

What can I learn here?

  • Why only electronic burette technology can test multiple pumps and multiple channels
  • How easy it is to perform basic tests accurately and to include in a batch-testing method
  • How automatic test instrument configuration and measurement data collection make testing more efficient
  • How visually-guided testing with predetermined test limits standardizes work, reduces human error

Fluke Biomedical Advantage Training Advantage Training

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Biomedical training and device analysis - Advantage Training by Fluke Biomedical
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