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Remote alarms are available for area and process monitors to provide a visual and audible indication of a high alarm state. Remote alarm units are also available with an analog meter scale that indicate in the range of 0 to 107 CPM or various mR/h ranges. These remote alarms/indicators are compatible with the Universal Digital Ratemeters (UDR) and all area and process monitors.

Remote Alarms/Indicators Application Guide

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A remote alarm/indicator with or without an analog meter, designed for use with all UDRs and Victoreen detectors

Model 944-17/18, 948A, & 958A Remote Alarm/Indicators »

Model 948A-5 Remote Alarm/Indicators »

Model 948A-40-50 Remote Alarm/Indicators »

Model 958A Remote Alarm/Indicators »

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Victoreen 1042A Universal Digital Ratemeter
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