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Victoreen is the trusted source for monitoring systems quality assurance for nuclear power professionals

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As the analog radiation monitoring systems installed in the 1970’s age, they become more likely to fail, or produce false alarms, as a result of degradation of the electronic components used in their design. The design of this equipment is also more susceptible to electronic transients from electromagnetic interference. These transients may result in tripping of the electronic alarm circuits, resulting in false alarms. The shortcomings of the early analog radiation monitoring systems have been addressed in the design of the new Universal Digital Ratemeters (UDR) and Digital Radiation Monitoring Systems (DRMS). These systems are designed for long term operation and increased reliability (and thus reduced maintenance costs) over their analog counterparts.

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A stand-alone instrument capable of interfacing directly to radiation detectors, and displaying radiation levels in CPM, mR/h, or µ Ci/cc

Model 942A, 946A, & 956A Universal Digital Ratemeters »

A digital radiation monitoring, data acquisition and control system that monitors particulate, iodine, and noble gas radiation levels

Model 960 Series »

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Victoreen 1042A Universal Digital Ratemeter
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