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Victoreen is the trusted source for monitoring systems quality assurance for nuclear power professionals

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Victoreen offers a wide variety of detector types and designs for almost any application. The long history and experience of manufacturing these detectors has led to unparalleled quality and long term reliability, a must for the nuclear power industry. No matter the detector type, functional requirements, or application, Victoreen has a solution for you.

Victoreen detectors are designed for use with Victoreen Universal Digital Ratemeters (UDR) and/or a digital radiation monitoring system.

Detector Application Guide

Application Recommended Product

A GM area detector that measures gamma radiation over a five decade span

Model 897A Series GM Detectors »

A scintillation detector that responds to either beta or gamma radiation

Model Model 943 Series Beta Scintillation Detectors »

Model 943-27-31 Current Mode Beta Detector »

Model 943 Series Gamma Scintillation Detectors »

Model 943-36CS Gamma Scintillation Detector with Integral Check Source »

A wide range ion chamber that measures gamma radiation in the range of 10-1 to 107 R/h

Model 977 Series Wide Range Ion Chamber Detectors »

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Victoreen 1042A Universal Digital Ratemeter
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