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Radiation Detectors - X-Ray Dosimetry - Survey Meters

Radiation detectors for safety quality assurance is top of mind for hospitals, nuclear power facilities, nuclear medicine laboratories, x-ray manufacturers, government agencies, state inspectors, emergency response HAZMAT teams, and police and fire departments around the world. Fluke Biomedical offers a complete line of radiation detection, personal dosimeters, x-ray dosimeter badge monitoring, and x-ray radiation safety products and solutions that allow these professionals the versatility they need to get the job done and the quality they trust in a radiation-safety device.

Victoreen instruments for radiation detection by Fluke BiomedicalFeaturing industry-standard Victoreen technology, Fluke Biomedical upholds the trusted legacy of quality and value for radiation-safety professionals.

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RaySafe i3 personal radiation dosimeter monitoring system »
RaySafe i2 personal radiation dosimeter monitoring system »
451P Pressurized µR Ion Chamber Radiation Survey Meter »
451B Ion Chamber Radiation Survey Meter with Beta Slide »
ASM-990 Advanced Radiation Survey Meter »
56-663 Series CLEAR-Pb Mobile Barriers »
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Radiation detection with the 451B Ion Chamber Radiation Survey Meter
Efficient X-ray testing at your fingertips with the RaySafe X2
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