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Fluke Biomedical teletherapy dosimtry and radiation oncology.

Radiation Oncology QA

Fluke Biomedical provides a full range of quality assurance solutions in teletherapy and radiotherapy environments for the Radiation Oncology Physicist, Therapist and Dosimetrist professional. From linear accelerator QA instruments, radiation oncology chambers, phantoms and accessories, we provide the tools you need to maintain a safe, regulatory-compliant facility.

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05-443 and 05-444 PRIMALERT® Digital Area Monitors » 05-443 & 05-444 PRIMALERT Digital Area Monitors
74-007, 74-008, 74-034 IMRT Phantoms » 74-007, 74-008, 74-034 IMRT Phantoms
37-705 VeriDose PDMQC System » VeriDose V Electrometer PDMQC System
Show me all the Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance products »
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Advanaced Therapy Dosimeter
Teletherapy radiation monitor
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