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New Biomedical Products

The IDA-1S Infusion Device Analyzer

The IDA-1S is a portable, battery-operated tool that allows for speedy verification of infusion device performance. Weighing less than three pounds, it is the ideal analyzer for quick and reliable one-channel measurements while on-the-go.

The IDA-1S is capable of basic infusion device test measurements including flow rate and volume measurements, and can verify pressure generated in occlusions or blockages of the fluid line. Complete with on-board Hydrograph software, the IDA-1S can test a wide variety of infusion pumps.
The IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer

Representing 20 years of experience in infusion pump testing, the new Fluke Biomedical IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer is designed to quickly and accurately test the performance of infusion pumps.

The IDA-5 is a full-featured, automated, multi-channel device that digitally verifies an infusion pump is administering flow, volume and boluses accurately, and that it is alarming on occlusion properly.

The IDA-5 can test a wide variety of infusion pumps including: volumetric pumps, syringe pumps, PCA pumps, drip-rate pumps, anesthesia pumps and ambulatory pumps. And aside from its verification functions, the IDA-5 also has built-in automation to allow users to create custom templates for quick, standardized analysis. The automated testing allows technicians to set up tests and walk away – it’s that simple. Plus, the IDA-5 maximizes productivity with multiple, independent channels to test up to four infusion pumps at once.
The ESA609 Electrical Safety Analyzer

The ESA609 Electrical Safety Analyzer is a rugged, portable and easy-to-use analyzer designed for general electrical safety testing. Engineered for on-the-go technicians, the ESA609 requires no training to use and has a rubberized case that allows it to sustain the rigor of transportation, and helps prevent damage when accidentally dropped.

Additionally, its functional strap and featherweight design make it one of the most portable electrical safety analyzers in its class. Heavy-duty switches allow users to effortlessly change polarity and configuration of the neutral connection between open and closed, while push-button operation ensures fast transition between tests for complete basic testing in minutes. The ESA609 integrates all functions needed to test medical devices when patient lead testing is not required, including: line (mains) voltage, ground wire (protective earth) resistance, equipment current, leakage current and point-to point tests. Versatile to global electrical safety standards of choice, the ESA609 tests to ANSI/AAMI ES1, NFPA-99, and parts of IEC62353 and IEC60601-1.
The ProSim 3 and 2 Vital Signs Simulators

Don’t need a comprehensive patient monitor tester? The ProSim 3 and 2 Vital Signs Simulators are clear choices for biomedical engineers and field service technicians that need a quality, feature-rich device with high portability. The ProSim 3 and 2 include the perfect amount of features for testing in the field. We like to call it the just-right feature set, and it includes ECG, pacemaker, arrhythmia and performance testing, respiration, invasive blood pressure, temperature, cardiac output (ProSim 3 only) and fetal/maternal (ProSim 3 only).

The VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer is the quick and easy way to test medical gas flow and pressure devices. This versatile tool evaulates the performance of a wide variety of devices and multiple ventilator parameters. The VT305 features internal sensors to make connecting to medical devices a fast and easy process. The four-button front-panel control makes switching to the best view of measured data simple. Onboard graphing capabilities allow users to view waveforms right on-screen, and measurements (numeric and waveform data) can be stored on the unit’s 2 GB SD card with a simple buttontouch. Users can upload these measurements to a computer for viewing or printing using the included Windows-compatible utility program.

The 190M Medical ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscope is a high-performance, portable oscilloscope built upon the legacy of Fluke and Fluke Biomedical oscilloscopes in partnership with real customers like you. The 190M Medical ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscope is available with choice of two or four channels and offers an unprecedented level of performance, ruggedness, and portability. Combining the power of a high performance oscilloscope, multimeter and paperless recorder in an easy-to-use test tool, the 190M is the test tool you rely on to tackle just about any troubleshooting task in the field. Extend your arsenal of troubleshooting capabilities with the new Fluke Biomedical 190M Medical ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscope, designed to meet the demands of field service professionals.

Key measurements include:
  • Video Signals
  • Time-based signals in CT
  • 3-phase power measurements (balance and phase rotation)
  • Transient/electrical noise-sensitive systems (CT and MRI)

The ESA615 brings fast and simple automated testing to a portable analyzer. For healthcare technology management professionals that perform electrical safety testing on medical equipment both in the field and in facilities. Whether it is simple testing or comprehensive analysis, the ESA615 can do it all. This multifaceted device performs all primary electrical safety tests, including line (mains) voltage, ground wire (protective earth) resistance, insulation resistance, device current, and lead (patient) leakage tests. It also offers ECG simulation and point–to-point voltage, leakage, and resistance tests. Versatile to global electrical safety standards of choice, ESA615 tests to ANSI/AAMI ES-1, NFPA-99, IEC62353, VDE751, IEC60601-1 (2nd and 3rd editions) and AN/NZS 3551. The ESA615 is an all-in-one solution with a multimeter, safety analyzer and ECG simulator in a single test instrument.
  • Automation inside
  • Newest standards compliance
  • Data management made easy
  • Simple, multi-language user interface

Fluke Biomedical unveiled today ground-breaking new technologies in patient monitor quality-assurance testing and troubleshooting with the ProSim Vital Signs Simulators. 

Designed to get you in and out of most locations in 60 seconds, this quick-check device offers 12-lead ECG simulation, respiration, IBP and NIBP testing in the palm of your hand. Featuring specialized stay-connected ECG posts to ensure secure lead connections and no-hassle testing, ProSim 4 Vital Signs Simulator is the perfect patient simulator for first-call patient monitor quality assurance and safety professionals.

Efficient X-ray testing at your fingertips with the RaySafe X2
QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer

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