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X Ray Detection and image quality assurance

X-Ray Dosimeters, Radiation Dosimeters & Monitors

Fluke Biomedical is the comprehensive solutions source for the Imaging Technologist, Physicist, Biomedical/Clinical Engineer or Service Engineer performing routine quality assurance, troubleshooting and maintenance-related testing on diagnostic-imaging equipment. From test devices to phantoms and accessories, we provide everything you need to manage diagnostic imaging QA programs and maintain regulatory compliance.

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TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Tools » X-ray test tools
190M Medical ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscope » 190M Medical ScopeMeter handheld oscilloscope
35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider » Non invasive kVp Divider
07-CRXW and 07-QRX Wireless CR RADCHEX and QA RADCHEX » wireless RADCHEX
76-606DX ATOM MAX Diagnostic Head Phantom » Medical Phantoms
Show me all the Diagnostic Imaging Quality Assurance products »
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190M Medical ScopeMeter Portable Oscilloscope

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