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Biomedical test equipment and x-ray measurement devices for medical equipment testing in the health care industry

Biomedical Test Equipment / X-ray Test & Measurement by Fluke Biomedical

“The goal of any medical equipment maintenance program is to ensure that medical equipment is safe, accurate, and ready for patient use.”
J. Tobey Clark, author, Medical Equipment Quality Assurance: Inspection Program Development and Procedures

Medical equipment testing is a critical task to ensure medical devices are performing correctly for patients, doctors, nurses and technologists alike. Fluke Biomedical offers a complete line of biomedical test and simulation products for biomedical/clinical engineers and technicians tasked with delivering peace of mind for patients and providers, along with a range of solutions for fleet and facility managers to optimize their resources and drive out costly waste through medical device testing and analysis. From standalone electrical-safety testers, x-ray analyzers and dosimeter measurement, patient simulators and performance analyzers to fully-integrated and automated performance-testing and documentation systems, we provide the benchmark in quality and value in medical test equipment today.

Globally recognized as the most trusted name in medical device quality assurance test and measurement, Fluke Biomedical offers innovative solutions for today’s healthcare QA programs to provide quality, reliability and accuracy of medical equipment thanks to trusted, independent technology designed with those key elements in mind. See what’s new in medical test and simulation technology, as well as X-ray test and measurement QA from Fluke Biomedical today.

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QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer »
INCU-II Incubator/Radiant Warmer Analyzer »
RaySafe X2 X-ray measurement system »
RaySafe i2 radiation badge dosimeter monitoring system »
ProSim 8 Vital Signs Patient Simulator »
IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer »
Impulse 7000DP Defibrilator/External Pacer Analyzer »
ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer »
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