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   Biomedical Products Home
   Biomedical Test
   Defibrillator Analyzers
   Diagnostic Imaging Quality Assurance X-Ray Detector
   Electrical Safety Analyzers
   Electrosurgery Analyzers
   Gas Flow Meter & Pressure Meters
   Patient Simulators Fast
   New Products
   Nuclear Medicine
   Nuclear Power Systems
   Radiation Oncology QA
   Radiation Safety
   190M Medical ScopeMeter Portable Oscilloscope
   Infusion Device Analyzers
   MDEA 2010 Award
   Test Automation
   TNT12k Selection Guide
   CuffLink nibp simulator
   DPM 3 universal biometer
   ESA175 electrical safety analyzer
   ESA180 electrical safety analyzer
   IDA4 infusion device analyzer
   INCU incubator analyzer
   QED 6 defibrillator analyzer
   217A patient simulator
   BP Pump 2 NIBP blood pressure simulator
   DataSim 6100 patient simulator
   Index 2 XLFE pulse oximeter tester
   ISA601 Pro SeriesXL electrical safety analyzer
   medTester 5000C automated biomedical equipment test system
   RF303 RS electrosurgery analyzer
   MPS450 patient simulator
   VT PLUS HF gas flow analyzer
   SigmaPace 1000 external pacemaker analyzer
   medSim 300B patient simulator
   VT MOBILE gas flow analyzer
   DPM4 Pressure Vacuum Temperature tester
   DPM2Plus universal pressure meter
   PS410 multiparameter arrhythmia patient simulator
   PS420 patient simulator
   ULT800 ultrasound transducer leakage current tester
   PS320 fetal simulator
   199 x-ray medical scopemeter portable handheld oscilloscope
   DPM1B pneumatic transducer tester
   MaxO2 PLUS AE oxygen analyzer
   05-104 Bleeper III personal radiation monitor
   05-106 Bleeper mR radiation monitor
   05-433 Primalert 10 teletherapy radiation monitor
   05-437 Primalert 35 area radiation monitor
   05-443 & 05-444 Primalert digital area monitors
   05-450 Primalert digital doorway monitor
   05-582 PRIMA 7 transport index radiation monitor
   06-007 to 06-868 direct reading pocket dosimeter
   06-526 RAD-CHECK Plus
   06-912 dosimeter charger
   07-402 portable digital thermometer
   07-417 sensitometer
   07-443 digital clamshell densitometer
   07-444 scanning densitometer
   07-451 x-ray output detector
   07-453 digital x-ray pulse counter timer
   07-469 precision high voltage divider
   07-487 dual range digital mAs meter
   07-621 precision photometer
   07-649 CDRH fluoroscopic phantom
   07-652 CDRAD radiography phantom
   07-678 DXR direct x-ray ruler
   07-680 NEMA cardiology phantom
   07-706 patient phantom penetrometer system
   07-CRXW and 07-QRX wireless light meters
   07-MAS5 mAs meter
   10100AT TRIAD TNT dosimeter x-ray field kit
   10500AMT Triad TNT x-ray field service calibration QA kit
   1060AM digital smart detector area monitor
   18-203 mammography phototimer consistency test tool
   18-207 mammography screen film contact test tool
   18-216 high contrast resolution phantom
   18-222 tissue equivalent mammography phantom
   18-224 mammography phantom material
   18-227 CDMAM contrast detail mammography phantom
   18-228 stereotactic needle biopsy tissue equivalent training phantom
   18-229 triple modality biopsy training phantom
   18-229-1313 mammo cube stereotactic core biopsy phantom
   18-250 digital stereotactic breast biopsy accreditation phantom
   18-252 contrast detail mammography phantom
   18-290 mammography QC compliance kit
   18-303 mammography collimation assessment test tool
   18-445 film processor quality control kit
   18-526 series service and quality control kits
   190F Frisker area monitor count rate meter
   190N portable neutron survey meter
   30-472 VeriDose solid state diode detectors
   34-162 CAL RAD Mark IV
   35035 mA mAs Meter
   35040 advanced therapy dosimeter
   37-705 VeriDose V electrometer PDMQC system
   37-720 dual diode dosimeter patient dose monitor
   4000M+ Victoreen x-ray test device
   425-110 low energy gamma scintillation probe
   425-200 alpha beta scintillation probe
   440RF D low energy RF shielded survey meter
   451B ion chamber radiation survey meter
   451P pressurized ion chamber radiation detector survey meter
   489-110CDE GM pancake probe
   489-110FS GM pancake probe with filter set
   489-120 gamma scintillation probe
   489-200 scintillation pancake probe
   489-35 thin end window GM probe
   489-50 gamma scintillation probe 1
   489-55 gamma scintillation probe 1.5
   489-60 alpha scintillation probe
   491-30 geiger mueller probe
   491-40 utility 1R GM probe
   493-50 geiger mueller probe
   56-663 Series CLEAR-Pb mobile barriers
   56-x CLEAR-Pb Modular X-Ray Control Booths
   56-X CLEAR-Pb panoramic windows and frames
   57-4 CLEAR-Pb compensation filters
   68-101 high energy mini L-block shield
   74-379-3XXX SCRAD calibration phantom kits
   76-025 CDRH dental image quality test tool
   76-2 series diagnostic x-ray phantoms
   76-417 CT simulation phantom
   76-445 nuclear medicine phantom mixer
   76-462 electron density phantom
   76-606 Series ATOM MAX diagnostic head phantom
   76-801 flood phantoms
   76-823 PET SPECT performance phantom
   76-825 PET SPECT Cardiac Insert
   76-903 MRI multipurpose phantom
   76-904 MRI surface coil phantom
   76-907 uniformity linearity phantom
   76-908 3D slice thickness high contrast resolution phantom
   8000 Victoreen NERO mAx x-ray test device
   84-317 multi-purpose tissue cyst ultrasound phantom
   84-340 general purpose multi-tissue ultrasound phantom
   84-350 near field ultrasound phantom
   84-357 interventional triple-modality 3D abdominal phantom
   841-334 three liter off-line sampler
   843-25X Series process GM tube detector and preamplifier
   844-36 process monitor calibration fixture
   859A-1 Moving Particulate Filter Sampler with Controller
   875 high range containment monitor
   878-10 high range containment monitor
   897A series Geiger Mueller radiation detector
   90-12 energy compensated GM probe
   940-1 off-line airborne effluent monitor
   940-2 off-line liquid effluent monitor
   940-3 on line snowplow monitor
   940-3MS main stream fission product monitor
   940-3N main stream 16 N monitor
   940-4 inline effluent monitor
   940-4FP condenser discharge fission product monitor
   940-4P reactor coolant letdown monitor
   940-5 accident range gaseous effluent monitor
   940-513 11cc Accident Range Gaseous Sampler
   940-553 Accident Range Dual Filter Assembly
   940-7 duct monitor
   940-702 shielded duct monitor
   940-9 portable continuous air monitor
   943 Series beta scintillation detectors
   943 Series gamma scintillation detectors
   943-27 beta scintillation detector
   943-36CS gamma scintillation detector
   943-5 process GM tube detector and preamp
   943-60 neutron detector with moderator
   944-17/18 remote alarm and indicator
   944-90/100 process monitor control panels
   945A ion chamber area monitor
   948A-40/50 remote alarm indicator
   948A-5 remote alarm indicator
   955A GM area monitor
   958A-10/20/30/40 remote alarm and indicators
   960 Series digital radiation monitoring system DRMS
   965 stacked continuous air monitor
   977 series wide range ion chamber detectors
   ASM-990 advanced radiation survey meter
   CT Ion Chambers
   QA-ES electrosurgery analyzer
   UDR universal digital ratemeters
   Impulse 7000DP defibrillator tester analyzer
   ESA620 electrical safety analyzer
   TNT 12000 x-ray radiation dosimeter test tools
   90100 Tracker therapy beam evaluation system
   DALE 601 electrical safety analyzer 120V
   DALE 601E electrical safety analyzer 230V
   DALE2000 LIM GFI tester
   DALE301 rigid endoscope tester
   DALE40 phototherapy radiometer
   ecg simulator EHS10
   ecg simulator EHS12
   Isolation Transformer ML1500-4
   Isolation Transformer ML1500-8
   LT544Dlite digital safety tester
   LT544Dplus digital safety tester
   ESA612 electrical safety analyzer
   AccuLung portable precision test lung
   Digital kVp Meters
   07-424 digital densitometer
   ProSim 4 vital signs simulator
   ProSim 8 vital signs simulator
   CarePlan Service Packages
   ProSim SPOT Light SpO2 tester pulse oximeter analyzer
   190M medical scopemeter portable oscilloscope
   VT305 portable gas flow analyzer
   ProSim 2 and 3 vital signs patient simulators
   ESA615 electrical safety analyzer
   IDA5 infusion device analyzer
   Impulse 6000D defibrillator tester analyzer
   ESA609 electrical safety analyzer
   IDA-1S infusion device analyzer
   Hot Lab
   PET Hot Lab
   44277 PCA trigger/nurse call box
   3010-0208 NK-1 BP cable
   3010-0370 HP-8 BP cable (12M 40µV)
   5170508 Nonin Nellcor probe test cable
   5170512 Novametrix electrical simulation cable
   5170516 Datascope electrical simulation cable
   5170518 Criticare electrical simulation cable
   5170521 BCI probe test cable
   5170524 Nellcor electrical simulation cable
   5170527 Masimo electrical simulation cable
   5170528 Datex electrical simulation cable
   5170529 Datex probe test cable
   5170530 Nonin electrical simulation cable
   5170532 Universal electrical simulation cable
   5170533 Hewlett Packard electrical simulation cable
   5170535 Masimo probe test cable
   5180500 Cardiac output adapter box
   75057 Powercord set NEMA 6-15/C19 250V
   Catheter Adapter
   Insulated Dolphin Clamp - Red
   OXMTR-4401 GE Ohmeda electrical simulation cable
   Philips Medical electrical simulation cable
   3010-0650FG GE Marquette cardiac output cable
   49755FG DB9M to DB25F adapter
   49964FG Priming Syringe
   5170519 Criticare probe test cable
   9530-0066 Watertight Carrying Case
   TQA-17 Zoll PD/M Series adapter
   14611 PT-100 Temperature Probe
   14612 PT-1000 Temperature Probe
   17156 MFH-1 Mechanical fetal heart cable
   17481 Corometrics IUP simulation cable
   17483 Corometrics 118 Ultrasound cable (12-pin)
   17484 HP Ag Philips TOCO simulation cable
   17486 Corometrics 118 TOCO Simulation cable (12-pin)
   17487 HP Ag Philips (50 & 8040) IUP simulation cable
   17488 HP Ag Philips 8040 Ultrasound sim cable
   17489 HP Ag Philips 8040 TOCO simulation cable
   17490 Oxford 1.5MHz ultrasound simulation cable
   17491 Oxford 2.0MHz ultrasound simulation cable
   17492 Oxford IUP simulation cable
   5170520 BCI electrical simulation cable
   9503-0080 Catheter Adapter
   MFH-1 Mechanical fetal heart probe
   BE-UNVSL-IEC320C14 Battery Eliminator
   3010-0248 QM-1 BP cable (6M)
   HHC3 hand held controller
   03-204 Decon cloth test swipes
   03-333 RadiClean decontaminant
   07-434 HVL attenuators
   07-443-1000 calibration step tablet
   07-456 aluminum step wedges
   07-501 to 07-555 Test Patterns
   07-503 to 07-551 Star Patterns
   07-533 radiopaque rulers
   07-591 focal spot test tool
   07-600 fluoroscopic beam alignment device
   07-601 fluoroscopic system resolution test tools
   07-605-7777 EZ CR/DR DIN test tool
   07-608 screen film contact mesh
   07-611 to 07-633 x-ray pinhole assemblies
   07-622 multipurpose focal spot HVL test stand
   07-623 mammography focal spot measurement test stand
   07-643 contrast imaging phantom
   07-644 grid alignment test tool
   07-645 fluoro test tool
   07-647 RF QC phantom
   07-653 fluoroscopic imaging test phantom
   07-661-7662 collimator x ray beam alignment test tool
   09-112 paper tape
   09-435 radioactive materials labels
   09-537 Radiation Area CAUTION Sign
   09-705 warning rope
   09-874 radioactive material tags
   10500EXL TRIAD Toolkit for Excel
   12-701 imaging table
   13-104 absorbent paper
   18-220 ACR mammographic accreditation phantom
   19-103 foot stool with handle
   19-448 protective tray
   30-329 Markus electron ionization chamber
   30-351 Farmer type ionization chamber
   30-355 ionization chamber extension cable reel
   35080M non invasive kVp divider
   37-001 Tel Align alignment gauge
   37-731 precision isocentric QC beam checker
   40-217 mini vials liquid scintillation counting
   451EXL assistant for Excel
   489-200WTF wipe test fixture for advanced survey meter
   51-246 lead bricks
   56-003 to 56-005 RadSafe PET syringe shields
   56-211 to 56-213 All-Vue syringe shields
   56-280 syringe holder
   56-620 to 56-622 standard mini table shields
   57-030 lead foil
   57-555 Cool-Tech lead apron
   57-556 Cool Tech OR lead apron
   57-557 Pro-Tech lead apron
   57-558 lead skirts and vests
   57-559 wrap around lead apron
   57-560 Series Thyroid Collar Sheild
   57-902 lead vinyl
   57-905 lead lined vinyl curtains
   57-965-1000 to 57-990-1000 Radiation Attenuation Gloves
   57-9XX Series Lead Apron
   67-360 dual container sharps shield
   67-652 PET L-Block
   67-741 fixed height rolling radiation shield
   67-752 and 67-753 radioisotope shielded workstation components
   74-6 Series Plastic Water
   76-419-4150 CT Head Body and Pediatric Head Phantom
   76-424-4156 nested CT dose phantom kit
   76-890 UB gamma camera test pattern
   800-Cleaning Tub Testing Basin
   800/PHILIPS-04 IE33/IU22 TEE Adapter
   8000 NERO mAx Toolkit for Excel
   84-601 instrument stand with caster base
   848-8 Series Field Test Sources
   GAFChromic therapy dosimetry media
   IMRT phantoms
   INDEX2-CHRG/US Battery Charger
   quadrant bar phantoms
   Victoreen 4000 Toolkit for Excel
   I6/7 D/P ADPT109 Multifunction electrodes
   9513-0260 CuffLink Adapter Kit
   5170534 Hewlett Packard probe test cable
   3010-0378 Defib Pacer pads
   3010-0513FG Physio QUIK COMBO adapter
   3370512 Dual 9DF serial cable
   75034 RS232 Interface cable (DB9M to DB9F)
   600/100FG Chassis Cable 8ft
   600/101FG Chassis Cable 16ft
   600/102FG Chassis Ground Probe
   600/200FG External leakage cable (8ft)
   600/201 External leakage cable (16ft)
   BEUNVSL IEC320C14P Battery Eliminator
   3010-0076 TK-1 BP Cable (6M)
   3010-0366 Siemens SM-3 BP cable (15M)
   5170506 Ohmeda probe test cable
   5170513 Novametrix probe test cable
   5170531 Universal probe test cable
   Philips Medical probe test cable
   48052FG Banana to ECG Adapter
   48201FG Banana Alligator Adapter (5)
   48382FG Lead Set - black
   48383FG Lead Set - red
   75033 Power cable with C19 plug
   ESU RECM test box
   2719-0153FG 4-pin female audio connector
   3010-0048FG Univeral Unterminated BP Cable
   3010-0103 Datascope DS-1 BP cable (6F)
   3010-0104 EM-1 BP cable (6F)
   3010-0110 HP-3 BP cable (12M 5µV)
   3010-0111 HP-4 BP cable
   3010-0114 SM-1 BP cable (10M)
   3010-0115 MM-1 BP cable (6M)
   3010-0116 PC-1 BP cable (6M)
   3010-0122 MQ-2 BP cable (8M)
   3010-0193 UT-2 standard 1/4" phone plug
   3010-0284 COA-1 Cardiac output adapter (HP)
   3010-0285 HPT-2 Temperature adapter
   3010-0289FG CI-3 Cardiac output test module
   3010-0307 Fukuda Denshi FD-2 BP cable (12M)
   3010-0584 Puritan Bennett DX-1 BP cable (10F)
   UT-4 Low profile Temperature cable
   ProSim 4 power supply
   2719-0154 Plug Adapter 20-15A
   3111008 USA/AUS/ISR ESA Test Lead Accessory Kit
   3392119 ECG 1-10 Adapter Box Assembly
   9503-0004FG Ground Pin Adapter
   BPPS4 ProSim 4 battery pack
   AccuLung II test lung
   USB Cable
   ProSim8-4402GECO Marquette Eagle DIN cardiac output switch
   Fluke 190M BP190 NIMH Battery Pack
   2211010 Battery (12V 2.9Ah)
   Replacement Battery LI-MNO2 (3V)
   Impulse 7010 defibrillator selectable load accessory
   2710-0324 medTester 20A Receptacle
   ULT800-8001 Overlay
   Nihon Kohden Mini DIN to DIN IBP Adapter
   AC285 SureGrip™ Alligator Clips
   3010-0357 GE Marquette MQ-3 BP cable (11M)
   3984910 ProSim 8 Accessory Kit
   Ansur TNT 12000 Plug-In software
   3766293 FM30 IUP simulation cable
   ProSim NIBP Mandrel Set
   3010-0535 MT5KC Wedge Cable
   3030002 RF303 Accessory Kit
   2640010 ECG Posts with Wires Assembly
   2640013 ECG Posts with Wires Assembly
   76044 Drain Tube
   75101FG DB9F-F serial cable
   68089 Temperature sensor ext radiant
   3010-0610 SGMA TV black test lead
   3010-0611 SGMA TV red test lead
   48457FG Luerlock 3-way
   Fluke-744-8003 NIMH battery pack
   Sigma1K-8001 battery pack
   76060 Air Flow Anemometer
   97132 Fuel Cell O2 Sensor
   9501-0032FG Kelvin cable
   9530-0045FG soft vinyl accessory pouch
   2716-0069 MedTester Ground Test post
   ProSim 2 and 3 Power Supply
   MPS450-8003 Molded case
   FBC-IMP7000-8010 defib plate
   ESA620-NPA null post assembly
   2640014 PS320 case with ECG posts
   072-228-005 Red binding post
   072-228-003 Black binding post
   072-228-004 Brown binding post
   072-228-008 Green binding post
   072-228-012 White binding post
   Terminal Post Connector
   4919-0090 ECG Stainless Post
   5022016 Molded Insert
   5382001 ECG Post Cap
   Stainless Compression Spring
   100-205 Hypertronics Male Pin SLDR
   100-166 Hypertronics Male Plug
   2092968 Panel mount 3 socket connector
   2092946 2A Fuse
   42724 Snap In Receptacle
   3901-3135 LCD Display
   3113821 Battery cover
   49948 IDA chassis gasket
   ESU Switchbox
   MPS450-8001 ECG post
   4902-0066 Plastic latch
   MICRO-90 bottle 225ml

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      SpO2 Whitepaper - SOC
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      ProSim Needs DA-A
      PS410 DA
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      ProSim 8 Infographic - PPC
      Q4 2014 iPad Promo
      190M Oscilloscope PPC
      451 ORG
      ESA612 Medical device electrical safety testing
      IDA-5 Introduction
      190M Do More
      ESU Whitepaper - DA
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      ESU Whitepaper - SOC
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      IDA5 White Paper - OA
            ESA609-Edu-ORG Testing is Easy
            ESA609-Port-ORG On the Go
            ESA609-Rug-ORG On the Go
         IDA-1S DA
         IDA-1S OA
         IDA-1S SOC
         IDA5-1S Family OA
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         IDA5-1S Family DA
         IDA5-1S Family SOC
         IDA5-1S Family DA 24-7
         IDA-1S ORG
         INCU Baby Bundle DA
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      199XRAY press release
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      35080M199XRAY Demo video - press release
      35080M199XRAY-D Kits - press release
      Ansur plugins - press release
      Anti-terrorism website and ASM-990 press release
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      Magic Box unveiled at RSNA - press release
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      TNT 12000 unveils - press release
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      Treatment Brassieres press release
      Used equipment purchase program - press release
      Vista compatible with Ansur
      Wireless CR Radchex press release
      MDEA Press Release
      expanded service options - press release
      Fluke Corporation, Associates, Funnel Contributions to Japan Relief Effort
      Donation to Ethiopia - press release
      Fluke Biomedical training center goes global: adds multi-language support
      Fluke Biomedical launches speedy new ProSim™ SPOT Light SpO2 Functional Tester
      prosim test press release
      GE Healthcare Selects PS320
      Fluke Biomedical Launches ESA615
      Fluke Biomedical Launches Training Tablet
      Fluke Biomedical Launches 190M
      VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer
      Fluke Biomedical launches its first mobile app
      Fluke Biomedical acquires Unfors RaySafe
      Fluke Biomedical launches rugged portable electrical safety analyzer
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