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07-444 “The Little Genius” Scanning Densitometer

 'The Little Genius' Scanning Densitometer

07-444 Scanning Densitometer

“The Little Genius stands head and shoulders above all other densitometers when it comes to performance, reliability, and economy. The only hand-held scanning densitometer in the industry with built-in scanning and single-point (spot) measurement capability, it literally does the work of two densitometers.

“The Little Genius measures and stores daily film data for up to 20 different x-ray film processors for 31 days in its own built-in memory. Use it to generate and print control charts and D-Log-E curves directly to a printer without using external software and a computer. Set base-line (target) and tolerance levels for each control chart parameter either manually or automatically by scanning and averaging up to 9 different film strips. So smart, it reads not only our film strips, but “the other guys too.

Key Features


  • The only hand-held scanning densitometer in the industry with built-in scanning and single-point (spot) measurement capability. It literally does the work of two densitometers
  • “The Little Genius quickly and easily generates control charts and D-Log-E curves without the use of external software
  • Saves time
  • Increases accuracy of readings
  • Provides vital information in seconds
  • Includes built-in scanning and single point measurement capabilities
  • Available with AutoSTPP X-Ray Film Processor QC Software
Product Specifications
Measuring range
 0 to 4.0 OD units
 0 to 3.0 OD ± 0.02 OD units; 3.0 to 4.0 OD ± 1%
 ± 0.02 OD units
Power requirements
 6 AA batteries, 1.5 V alkaline; 110 VAC with AC power converter
Spectral response
 Centered at 540 mm
Aperature size
 1.0 and 2.0 mm
 3.2 in W x 7.1 in D x 2.75 in H (8.1 cm W x 7 cm D x 18 cm H)
 2.8 lb (1.3 kg)

16907125-pin Adapter (part# 169071)
1690729-Pin Adapter (part# 169072)

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